11/04 - Group Showing

paul alexander gallery, Boston, MA

November 18th -28 2004

SneakerPimps Show.... usa tour first then comes the european tour...

check the website to see if my shoes along with hundreds of others are comming to a city near you...

sneakerpimpsusa.com click here to see mine...

32 inch canvas...

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto

to read all about it click here... click here to see mine...

12/04 - Two Person Show - Carrie Woodson & Justin Tolentino

Monarch Gallery, Maplewood, MO

December 10th -28 2004

12/04 - Group Showcasing

Grand Center - "First Night"

December 31, 2004

12/04 - The H Group - Holiday Exhibit

Houska Gallery, 4728 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108

Opening Reception 12/4/04, 6 - 8 pm.

Central West End Gallery Walk Night

December 4th - February 4, 2005

11/20/04 - 12/20/04 Stickerthrow...

99 n. 10th Street @ Wythe Ave.

Williamsburg Brooklyn

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Metal Pig - An Art Show:

My name is Zarathustra "Z" James. I am putting the show together featuring such invited artists as: Buff Monster, Shepard Fairey, Chris Chillemi, MCA, Klutch, DAIM, Colby Woodland, Swoon, Jet-Pac, da Saint, Nate Nolting, Organs, Slerm, Elik, Raul Cordero aka Duro Cia, Arrrgh!, Steven Daily, Lunar YCP, George Rosa "5003", ESM-Artificial, Vinnie Ray, Poplab, C100, Sickboy, S Faustina, Susan Farrell, Thomas Murphy, Ed Templeton, Jester, Nicholas Ganz, Ecka One, Craig Metzger, David, Ackerman, Stephen Donovan, Peat Wollaeger, John Champion, Juan Carlos Noria, Dave Warnke, PARSKID, Zap (UK), Prism, Jerry Lang, Dr. Blade, UBZRV, Reuben Raffael, Ryan Robidoux / Evoker, Ashley Montague, PRVRT, Christian Azul and GONZO247, Jonathan Sajonas, Norman Le, Abe Lincoln Jr., Eric Orr, Magmo, Tasek, Mad One, Michael Andrews, Justin Kees, Arabella Proffer-Vendetta, Mike Gallegos, Angryblue, Jacob Schimmel, Chris Mosier, SAK, Asbestos, Josh Geldzahler, Sloke, Andy Howell, Keren Richter, Mr. Meaner, Bloo, The Stevens Group, Ivaylo, Ferris Plock, Brian Gilbert, Jon Burgerman, Tim Hall, Frost, Mainframe, Ian Hanna / Nuflo, Os Gemeos, PECE, Alvin Eeckels, Tofer, James Portaccio, Mr. Hurt, Ed Hurdles, Mediah, Leon Rainbow, Mose120, Alexander Heir, Max Lust, Derek Fridman, Heather Alexander, The Guys from California, Justin Tolentino, Give Em Hell, and YOU!

This is an open call for worldwide artist participation. I'm creating a platform to showcase the works of the best urban artists currently existing. Going with the idea of Random von Nothaus of Buff Monster that themed shows are starting to feel played out, we have only named it "Metal Pig". The rest is up to you to interpret. There is purposely no guideline or recommended medium. Hopefully this will create some interesting diversity.

Details: Metal-Pig.com

The show is set to coincide with the South by Southwest Festival
March 17 - 21, 2005
Opening: Thursday March 17th at 6:00pm
Details: www.SXSW.com

BOLLOCKS click here for the flyer

Sat. February 26th
David Adamson Gallery
Located 406 7th Street, NW, Washington DC from 7pm- till

ONE NIGHT ONLY.This show is gather people together, Drink, listen to some good music and street art. There will be a free raffle at the end of the night.... WHERE WE GIVE THE WORK AWAY. You could walk away with a work from one of your favorite heros of the street.

click here to see mine...
click here to see mine...